believe the hype

Last night I watched the Boise State vs Virginia Tech football game.  It was a great game.  From beginning to end the game was exciting.  Great atmosphere.  Two really good teams.  Big plays.  Bad mistakes.  Good coaching.  Ups and downs.  Star players playing like it.  And so on.  It was a really good game to watch.  Now that being said, it needed to be.  ESPN has pumped up this game for the last 2 weeks constantly.  They were promoting it over and over and over and….you get the point.  The hype going into the game was insane and although it does not normally happen, it lived up to the hype. 

This got me thinking.   What in life is worth the hype?  What actually lives up to what people tell you is awesome?  What can you look at and go “yeah” that is something that really is sweet.  Here is a list of some things that I think are worth the hype:

  1. real friends – people you can count on and that are rooting for you no matter what
  2. a great family – everyday I realize how lucky I am to come from a home with awesome parents and how cool it is that I am close with my brother and sister
  3. a faithful and supportive wife – my wife should have paparazzi following here where ever she goes…she is that awesome
  4. a relationship with Jesus Christ – as a Christian I believe this is the most life altering thing ever and I am amazed that God loves me the way he does
  5. learning to be content with what you have – the moment you quit trying to keep up with the Jones is a moment that is awesome
  6. healthy local churches – the world is so blessed by awesome kingdom communities
  7. the Bible – this is such a gift…at the beginning of every train wreck people go through is someone who ignored this book
  8. being a parent – never has something that is so hard, been so amazing…even when I want to strangle them…it is still fantastic
  9. your health – we take this for granted
  10. staying teachable – it is always worth it and a powerful thing to keep learning from others

One thought on “believe the hype

  1. I read your blog and I was really interested in it – I have always found every prior blog of yours that I’ve read to be very interesting – this particular blog reminded me of how everything I expect usually ends up not happening (probably one of the side effects of being ignorant). I usually think things that I know to be true are worth the hype I make.

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