list “o” 10

  1. college football starts this week (I can actually feel my heart leaping with joy)
  2. feels like God is about to so some incredible stuff at Grace Fellowship (our church is going to the Next Level)
  3. I am proud of my son who participated in his first soccer practice this weekend
  4. loves fall weather…I want more of it now
  5. am excited for my friends John and Danielle to have their baby
  6. I need to go see a movie at the theater (it has been awhile)
  7. anyone else wish that they could speed read
  8. welcome to the team Charlie (new Media and Technical Director), we are glad to have you
  9. I wish I loved a healthy food as much as I love bacon
  10. make this week count…do something significant

One thought on “list “o” 10

  1. protien shakes kick bacons but 😉 I have gone to the theate by myself several times for the same reason (#6), not because they have protien shakes. Nothing compares to fall weather and football kicking off. Thank you god for the seasons it reminds us just how creative you are!!!!

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