I was at a conference last week and I heard a guy say something that hit me hard.  He talked about the moment of “maybe.”  We all of this idea of how we could never do that or commit that crime or be involved in that kind of racket or do what Tiger did or whatever.  (Which for the record, we are all capable of anything in the right situation)  But here is the thing, there is a pivotal moment in this process, and most often it is a process, of moving from “I could never” to “holy crap, what have I just done.”  And that moment is the moment of maybe.  It is the moment, where you actually begin to entertain the thing.  You create the scenario.  You begin to idealize it.  You ignore the consequences.  And you take a huge step….you go from never…to maybe.  It is at the this moment where you have to go MMA on your brain.  You have to crush the thought.  You have to launch a missile attack on the scenario.  You must destroy the maybe.  The step from the “maybe” to action is not as large as most believe.  So in order to avoid the train crash, crush the moment of maybe.

2 thoughts on “maybe

  1. This reminds me of a quote that goes something like, “you can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”. I don’t know who said it, but my very wise husband uses it often to remind us that we choose what we let into our thoughts and minds.

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