just you

I read something on an airplane that just stirred me the other day.  I will paraphrase it.  It said if all Christians took the mission of the gospel and church as seriously as you did, what would the effectiveness of the church be?  If every Christian served in their local church like you….shared their faith like you…helped the poor like you…prayed like you…hated evil and clung to good like you…did marriage or dating like you…and so on – what would the church look like?  This cut me to the core.

3 thoughts on “just you

  1. Am curious about the direction of your point …

    My 2 cents is that the church is a whole lot more effective not because of the way I act (think, etc.). But rather because of the grace and forgiveness of Christ … who overlooks a whole lot of my humanness and focuses on the gifts He has given me to grow His church.

  2. Cathy – let me clarify…God said go make disciples…go share the good news…go feed the hungry…go feed the poor…etc…and he said that to me…because I am the church. If all the individuals who make up the church served like me and acted like me and loved like me…how much of the gospel would be getting into people’s lives?

  3. If we all lived out what Jesus commands us to we would have less people complaining, more money to go around, more people stepping up and taking control of the world around us and it would be a beautiful thing!

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