I was on vacation last week and there were lots of fun and interesting developments over that time.  Some of them I am sure to comment on in later blogs, but one particular I had to call out right away.  Life goes on when you are vacation and things happen…for example over the last 2 weeks – LeBron crushed the city of Cleveland’s heart, my son rode a tube behind the boat for the first time,  my niece and nephew learned to water ski, I ate one month worth of desserts in 8 days, and so on….but of all the new things that happened or learned about, there was one that took the cake.

I was introduced to a squealer.  Get ready.  It is a maple creamstick donut with bacon on top.  Yes, that is right, I said bacon on top of a doughnut.  I did not have the guts to eat one.  But my mind was blown that such an item even exists.  Are we really this unhealthy as a culture?  Or is bacon just that good?  Or maybe someone last a bet.  Whatever the case, last week I was introduced to the squealer.

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