this moment

Yesterday evening, my son crawled up on my lap and sat with me.  I was listening to a sermon from a pastor I follow.  My son just sat there quietly until he finally asked what I was listening to.  I told him it was a talk about Jesus.  He asked a couple of questions and then just set there quietly and rested in my arms.  I loved the moment.  I sat there and drank it in.  I was actually able to seize that piece of time and just think about how cool it was and take advantage of it.  But before I knew it, he asked that I take him up to bed (which any time a 4 year old asks to go to bed, you do not argue), and I did and the moment was over.

It made me think.  How much to we really embrace a moment.  A chance to enjoy a talk with someone.  A nice view.  The silence.  The noise.  A big play.  Some kind words.  Or how many moments do we miss that we did not capitalize on?  I should have said.  I could have given.  I was just too busy.  I want to be the kind of person that enjoy and maximizes each moment God chooses to give me.

One thought on “this moment

  1. What a beautiful moment to seize! This past weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy a few “moments” with my daughter, who is 34 years old. After she left I felt an emptiness. I miss her. I miss the days when she lived at home and was here each and every day. She now lives in New York and I don’t see her often. After reading your post, I realized that I need to focus on the beauty of the moment when I was watching her during a conversation with her and realized what a beautiful young woman she had become. How fortunate I was to have that moment with her.
    Thank you for sharing your moment. Beautiful!

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