Wednesday 10

Here are 10 things on my mind on this Wednesday:

  1. I have both loved and been annoyed by the World Cup.  I love the games and the skill and the passion.  But the officiating and a lack of willingness of FIFA to change and adopt some technology is just silly.
  2. I am super proud of those at Grace Fellowship who are attacking the New Testament in Newthru30.
  3. I think my son’s passion for Buzz Lightyear and all things Toy Story has eclipsed his love for any other toy or fad to date.
  4. My wife is straight out beautiful and you should be jealous.
  5. The time at Lake George with family and friends beginning next Thursday evening is going to be awesome and each day I become more and more like kid anticipating Christmas.
  6. I just wish LeBron would make a decision.  I am sick of hearing about it.
  7. The culture of a church changes so much in the summer because of the “faithfulness” of people.  Yes, I am being tongue in cheek.  It is really incredible how many people are traveling each weekend.
  8. In 8 more days, I can eat ice cream again.  That will be great.
  9. Great leaders pull the potential out of others.  Do you get the most out of others?  Do you multiply your efforts by mining the good stuff out of those around you?
  10. I miss people from my life that used to be a big part of it in the past, but yet life has taken us different directions and I get to see them rarely or not at all…..(Chris, Kate, John, Clint, Eric, Shelly, Matt, etc.)

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