it matters

The power of the local church is of course Jesus Christ and His Spirit.  But the manifestation of that is when the body of Christ is unleashed.  When the gifting and passions and experiences of Christian people are released into the world in the local church and outside it.  One of the ways this happens is by those who serve in the local church doing it to the best of their ability.  I do not care whether you call these people volunteers or empowered servants or fellow ministers or some cute branded church name, the way people own their responsibilities in the church is crucial.  It matters what kind of servant, volunteer, red team member you are. 

Here are some things to consider if you are serving in your church or are leading others to serve:

  1. clearly convey and know expectations for the role
  2. be on time at the worst
  3. be prepared (spiritually, mentally and physically) – ex.  do not stay up so late the night before you are not at your best for the next day
  4. be focused – be on mission for the thing you are there to do
  5. never forget that when you skip or flake out ministry still happens and the event still goes on and kids are still there and the things still need passed out
  6. honor your commitment and schedules
  7. take concerns to those they involve
  8. keep in mind that serve in a specific area or opportunity is a privilege and not a right
  9. always be willing to reproduce yourself and be willing to be replaced for the good of the ministry

Be the kind of servant/ volunteer that acts like and lives like it matters, because it does.

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