no way

I really believe that God uses people that are locked into Jesus Christ to change the world.  D.L. Moody made a quote with the thrust that the world has yet to see what would happen if even one person was completely surrendered to Jesus.  This thought is true, and yet God still uses people.  He uses their actions, their words, their prayers, their silence, etc.  He uses people.  And one way He does this is that He allows ideas to form and blossom in your head.  He puts something in there for you to do that will alter humanity.  But when we say it to others, we often hear, “no way.”  Or even the battlefield in our mind, played out with the enemy and his team, tells us “you are crazy, that will never work.”  Remember this – almost every idea that has changed the world, was an idea that someone said “no way” to.  Henry Ford was told the car was fad, but the horse would last forever.  People with the movies were told sound would never work with the actors.  Do not believe it.  God can use you.  And know this…changing the world is not always about inventing or curing something, it is not about something the world perceives as grand.  It includes these things, but changing the world begins with the little things at home and in your world.  Saying no, getting it right at home, keeping your word, staying humble….and yet dreaming big dreams and listening to what God has planted inside of you.

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