A few weeks back, I said there was a chance.  That chance was associated with the city of Cleveland breaking an incredible drought of winning a championship.  Well….that did not go so well.  Another year, another chance missed.   But as you may guess, I did end up watching quite a bit of playoff hoops.  With the finals beginning tomorrow, I have been contemplating this playoff season.  Here are some observations:

  1. Every young kid who wants to be a great shooter should have to watch an hour of Ray Allen shooting jump shots.  His shot is a thing of artwork. 
  2. Derek Fisher is clutch.  He is not an elite player, but he is nails.  He makes big shots.  Takes key charges.  Deflects the ball in an important juncture.  He is a winner.  (side note – the Cavaliers have no one on their team like him)
  3. Oklahoma City had the best game time atmosphere.  Based on what you can tell on television, that place was electric.  Other places have great environments, but that place looked unreal.
  4. Kobe is just unreal.  It pains me to say it, but he is still the best player on the planet…and with some space between him and others.  The guy is a cold blooded assassin who makes incredibly difficult shots.
  5. I am not sure there is another player on earth who maximized the tools and talents God gave him as Steve Nash.  The guy took every ounce of potential he was blessed with and just maximized it.
  6. LeBron is a great entertainer.  He is a great player.  Really great.  But to be in the conversation of the elites.  To be on THE LIST…he is just not there.  He is not a winner.  He lacks the “go for the jugular” mental approach.  Maybe some day, but not yet.
  7. Paul Pierce is a really, really good player.  I mean one of the top 7 in the NBA.  The guy makes winning plays.  He is so underestimated as an offensive player.  The guy is really good.
  8. People underestimate coaching in the NBA.  Denver really missed George Karl.  Cleveland was not all it could have been with Mike Brown.  Doc Rivers is a great coach and one of the reasons the Celtics are so good.  There is a reason Phil Jackson has won 2 hands full of titles. 
  9. Vince Carter is the exact opposite of Steve Nash.  He has not come even close to maximizing what God gave him.  He is a baby.  He is lazy.  He lacks passion and will.  The Magic missed Turkoglu a ton.  It pains me to say this, being that he is a TarHeel, but wow, the guy lacks “it” in every sense of “it”.
  10. Possibly the single greatest moment in the playoffs was between Dragic and Vujacic in game 6 of the Lakers and Suns.  I do not know all the details of what has gone on in their home country, but those guys do not like each other.  It was great TV.

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