what if

What if your life were marked by 3 game changing traits and habits?  I heard a pastor that I respect talk about how every day for a good amount of time he prayed that God would bring the following 3 characteristics into his life:  integrity, generosity, and humility.  When I heard him say this I was challenged to pray for these things in my life.  So off and on for a year, I have.  A desire to pray and seek these three areas has been renewed recently.  I just keep thinking how my family, my work place, my leisure time, my friendships, etc. would be dramatically altered if I was more humble…if I was willing to give more…if my integrity was more obvious and consistent.  I am hoping to move from what if to when.

One thought on “what if

  1. Integrity, generosity, humility … leadership that is based on these 3 principles is leadership worth following.

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