I have heard it said that a lot people and groups are all talk and little to no action.  This can be said of the bully on the playground, many institutions, sports teams, and unfortunately many local churches and individual Christians.  I love the church that I serve at for many reasons, but over the past few weeks, our people have really lived out what they believe.  Here are just a few things that have taken place or will be taking place this week.

  1. collected over 1,750 jars of peanut butter for Haiti that were donated through LifeLine missions
  2. 17 people got baptized this past weekend
  3. raised over $6,000 with an empty your pocket spontaneous offering on Mother’s Day.  Every dime went to Lower Lights ministries in inner city Columbus, Ohio to help their Rachel’s House money for women who are coming out of prison and are adjusting back into society.
  4. this Sunday we will send out between 250-400 workers into our community to serve.  they will be working on projects for the city, the schools, the parks, private businesses and even homeowners

These are just a few of the things that are happening at Grace.  This stuff makes me proud and excited.  I love seeing people live out what they believe.  It is so cool to watch action take place.

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