This week at Grace we are launching a new series called Tension.  I am really excited for it.  It is a going to be a great series for anyone no matter where they are at in their journey with God.  I want to encourage all the regular attenders at Grace to not only make it a priority to be there, but also to invite friends and family.

All of us have had an experience, where we were promised something and it just did not deliver.  Someone told you the movie was awesome.  You heard that guy was cute.  It was supposed to be a great sale.  That one player was going to blow you away with his skills.  But for whatever reason, it just did not deliver.  For many who heard about Jesus offering the abundant life, you have felt this way.  You thought if I begin to follow Jesus this and that will change.  I can expect this new feeling.  I can expect that new relationship.  But in many ways, you feel like it has not delivered. 

We are going to take a few weeks and wrestle with why it is that the people who should have peace and direction and joy, namely Christians, are people with lives marked by so much Tension.  We hope to stop and wrestle with how we are made to live and what and who we are really to live for.

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