brain dump

Some random things on my mind that I will just “dump” into a list.  These are in no way in an order of importance in my mind.

  1. I think the Cavaliers are in trouble, but I am hoping not
  2. my mom is a great lady.  thanks mom for all you have been in my life and Happy Mother’s day this weekend
  3. many at Grace Fellowship are dealing with some just huge things in their personal lives (I am praying for you all and I love each of you)
  4. I wish I could figure out why putting pajamas on kids each night is such a catastrophic event
  5. caffeine free Coke is my nemesis
  6. the power of music is incredible to me
  7. begs people to learn the principle of living simply…you can not buy meaning and happiness
  8. my wife really likes taffy (thank you Gatlinburg candy shops)
  9. God is continually teaching me the principle of obedience versus results
  10. passion should result in action, not just talk and attitude

One thought on “brain dump

  1. Number 6 is something I have been dealing with/thinking about for years. It’s almost too powerful at times…. Like it has to be harnassed or treated like a family pet.

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