longer hair

My wife and I went away for a few days with some friends this past weekend.  My parents were gracious enough to take our kids for 4 days.  When I saw my daughter last night, I could tell that her hair had gotten a little longer.  Just in a few days of being away, I noticed the change.  This got me thinking…Now I am not an expert on the growth patterns of children’s hair (or the hair of adults for that matter).  But my guess is my daughter’s hair is growing all the time and I just don’t notice until there is a huge change in the length.  But last night, I noticed.  Maybe because I had been away and I was looking.  It occurred to me that when we look for change or growth of any kind in a person that we are more likely to notice when we have been away.  However, I am sure there is change, even small ones, in those around us that we do not notice because we are just too close to them, the situation, their habits, their past, etc.  I made a note to look for the small changes of those around and when those are changes are for the better, to let them know.

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