It happens.  If it has not happened to you, it will.  Something in life will happen that just kicks you in the gut.  I mean direct hit.  Something big…something hard…something painful…something you did not expect.  There is no mystery to whether or not this stuff will show up in your life.  There can be mystery as to why and the how and the when, but it will happen.  My thought…my question…my mind asks this question.  What and where do you go with this stuff hits?  How do you begin to process these kicks in the gut?  Where and how do you find hope?  What do you do?  What allows you to find your “north” 

I run like Usain Bolt towards Jesus.  I believe Jesus is the hope for everything.  I believe even when it does not make sense, Jesus does.  Jesus does not just take away the pain, like a genie.  He does not make it all better like my mom did when I fell when I was 3.  But He gives meaning to the pain, confusion, angst, sadness and tragedy.  There is still hope and direction in Him.  I know this all sounds trite and cliche.  But my experience is my experience.  And truth is truth.  I praise God that when my life has been in the ugliest places and the kicks in the guts have been the most violent, Jesus Christ has been stronger and more clear in my life than ever.

2 thoughts on “gut

  1. Christ is the ONLY place to run to when that gut kick comes. He may be short on answers, but He is long on love and comfort.
    We can look to others for comfort and support and consolation, but in the end, only Jesus will be there all the time, without fail. In the darkest darkness, He is still the only Light that shines.

    a personal observation: battles of the mind are no different than battles of the body. Coming to Christ, loving Him and following Him doesn’t automatically cure our physical body. He can, of course, but sometimes the cancer wins. With an “illness” of the mind, sometimes the darkness wins. That may sound false or trite, but from one that has been there, battles of the mind are still battles with illness. and sometimes, the illness wins. and yes, God can intervene. sometimes He does. sometimes He doesn’t. “Some live who should die; some die who should live.” God holds that in His hand.

    i am praying for you, my brother, and for all the elders and leaders of the church, that God will send His angels to protect you. God bless you, Keith.

  2. We are so sorry for all the shock and pain and loss so many at Grace are experiencing right now. We all want to “understand” but it is not ours to understand today. Just for today we need to accept that God is Bigger and the problem. We will definately be keeping everyone in prayer and leaning on Christ and His power, strength, love and grace. God Bless You.

    One thing we can count on is that God knows us at deep, deep levels and does understand the misunderstood!

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