2nd most important

Today is my 9 year anniversary.  I am married to an amazing lady.  She is a really solid Christian person and really helps to keep our home moving in the right direction towards the things of Christ.  Our marriage is not perfect.  She has flaws and I have lots of flaws, but that does not matter.  God is at the center of our marriage and she is a special person and that combination is deadly (better than Jordan and Pippen or Brad and Angelina or Bonnie and Clyde or …. alright I am just being dumb).  But in all seriousness, most people have no idea how cool my wife is.  I get tons of credit and support for a ton of things that would not be possible without her or as effective without her input.  She releases me, supports me, corrects me, humbles me, and encourages me.  I have said this many times – who you marry is the second most important decision in your life in my opinion (#1 is choosing to start a relationship with Jesus).  I am so grateful for my lady.

If you are a Christian, here a few things to remember when looking for a spouse and dating:

  1. only date Christians (this must be a non-negotiable)
  2. be sure you are personally chasing after Jesus as fast as you can
  3. the bait will determine the catch – i.e. if you dress in a such a way to show of your body ladies, you will get that kind of guy
  4. ladies – find a guy with a good reputation amongst his friends
  5. guys – find a woman with inner beauty and can control her tongue
  6. you are a child of God – do not have a relationship with someone who does not treat you accordingl

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