I spend a lot of time with people.  In fact as a pastor, I have a unique access to people and their lives.  Over time, I have noticed a very similar thread with many people.  They migrate in their values and their worldview, which leads to a shift in behavior and yet most people when pressed could not tell you when or how this happened.

Let me try and explain.  People as they are being raised and grow up have a certain worldview and belief system that shapes their behaviors.  Then over time, through college, through life’s circumstances, etc., their behavior begins to shift.  And it shifts because what once was seen as an out of bounds behavior no longer is.  By why…the why is the person’s heart, worldview, belief system has shifted.  But here is what I find fascinating when I probe this.  When you ask the person what led to the shift or did he or she shift or how or when, most times there is not an answer.  The person does not and often can not connect his or her behavior to the shifting of his or her worldview.

Do you know why you believe certain things are right or wrong?  Do you know what your worldview and belief system really is?  Can you track shifts in your behavior to shifts in your thinking?

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