white flag

I am always taken back by how many Christian people live by the let’s retreat from the world mindset.  I have to hide from the TV, from the music, from contemporary fashion, from the local little league, from (go ahead and fill in the blank).  They just hide.  They retreat.  Don’t hurt my kids with that junk, don’t pollute my house with that stuff, don’t invade my city….and as response to the fear – they just cower in their homes or schools or organizations or even churches. 

Now look I am not saying pursuing holiness and protecting yourself against the schemes and views of the world is not important.  It is.  It is commanded and it is part of living out the Christian life.   But let’s be real, being a Christian is not a defensive endeavor.  Jesus came to seek out those who are sick.  He came to alter the world.  He came to usher in a kingdom.  He showed up to invade the world.  He was on the offensive.  Now, I am not saying be an idiot and go protest at the funeral of someone who had a lifestyle you disagreed with.  Or get in fist fights who those who disagree with you.  But I am saying Christianity is not a white flag endeavor.  It is a green flag one….go, be sent, seek out, live fully.  Christians are to usher in God’s kingdom, not hide in fear.

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