what follows

I was reading John 6 the other day and was reminded or maybe better yet convicted about something I have known for a long time.  It was as though the Holy Spirit refreshed a text I have read, taught, heard taught, etc. many times.  The text says Jesus walked on water.  Yes, that’s right…walked on water.  Now you may think, “duh, I know.”  But do you.  Do I?  Do we really believe that?  Do we just know about it or know it?  I mean if that sentence is true, if Jesus really walked on water…if that really happened….then what must follow.  For starters, He is God.  Yes, God!  Not a believe system or thought paradigm, or part of a well-balanced life, or a moral compass – He is God.  This means I am not.  It means God can ask of me whatever He wants.  It means I have to see Him as He really is and not the God I create.  It means all my life should come back to the reality that He walked on water and so He is God.  If that sentence is true, every aspect of my life must reflect that truth.

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