With all the snow and Valentine’s weekend, I have been able to watch some movies over the past weeks.  As I have been watching them, many things have come to mind, but there is one thing I just can’t help but notice.  The characters in a film always have “the line.”  You know what I am talking about.  Whether the character needs to be witty, romantic, funny, serious, unique or you fill in the blank, they always have the right words.  I started thinking about this.  What would it be like if you and I when we interacted with people always had the right lines to say.  Not sure what that would look like.  But then it triggered this…life is not supposed to be that way.  There are times where we all get tongue tied, or say the wrong thing, or look dumb, or….life is not artistic or packaged, it is raw and ugly or simple and awkward.  I will take real and authentic over contrived and artificial.

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