If you watched the Super Bowl between the Colts and the Saints, you know that there was very big play where Peyton Manning was intercepted by a Saints player who took it for a touchdown.  For the last 2 days I have heard that play discussed at length by many different radio and television analysts.  Who is to blame is the big talk?  Peyton? Reggie Wayne?  Did this play show that Peyton was not as good as people of thought?  Come on…are we serious?  Yes, Wayne showed the route a little early and he did not run a great route on the play.  But the reality is this, some times the other guy makes just makes a great play.  Tracy Porter made a great play.  Period…He hit Peyton’s fastball.  Let’s all tip our hats and give credit to Porter and stop trying to say how this play shows that Peyton is not a great quarterback.

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