When is the last time you were lost?  You did not know where you were and where you were going?  I do not know why but I was thinking about this today.  I know it is really random.  Not even sure why it crossed my mind.  But as I thought about it, some where stuff came to mind.   When do you actually know you are lost?  What does it take to admit it?  What are the clues and signs?  If you are pretty sure you know where you are, but are not certain, are you lost yet?  Are you only lost when you acknowledge it?  If you figure it out on your own, does that mean you were not really lost?  Once again, I am not sure why I was thinking about this or even better yet, why I dwelled on it.  All I know is this, when you realize you are lost, it stinks.  When someone helps you so you are not lost, that is really great.

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