I have yet to meet a person who has not experienced disappointment.  Cut from the team, dropped by the girl, missed the opportunity for that investment, an underachieving kid, unexpected career at age 50, etc.  It happens to us all.  It has in our past and will in our future.  It should not surprise us.  As a pastor, I hear the stories of disappointment all the time.  I watch people trying to make sense of really difficult situations.  It is very common to see people just not cope well.  I know disappointment has been a catalyst to me acting ways that are not God honoring.  I was thinking about this and I made a list (not exhaustive by any means) of how the gospel of Jesus Christ helps us deal with the disappointment of life.

  1. the gospel reminds me that my experience is in the context of eternity.  there is so much more than just the moment I am dealing with
  2. the gospel teaches that I have a Savior who can I identify and empathize with what I am experiencing.  Jesus lived the human experience and gets it
  3. the gospel refines me and makes me like Jesus.  the gospel is not about making me bacon and eggs every day and giving me a party hat to put on.  the work God is doing in my life often happens through the crucible
  4. the gospel convicts me to think through what honors God the most in any situation, good or bad.  God’s kids are supposed to be a city on a hill

As I though through this it became real clear that I have to train for these during the good times, so that when the bad times hit, I am ready.

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