In the Way

For those of us who call ourselves Christ followers, God calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We are awesome at thinking we are sweet, but not so good at giving others that same kind of grace, mercy, charity and compassion we give to ourselves.  It blows my mind to think that God wants me to represent Him to others as an ambassador.  How do I do at that?  Makes my head hurt as much as Terrelle Pryors on third and nine.  But as I shared with a group last night, it has been helpful for me to see some common personality types or dispositions that really get in the way of being all we can be relationally for Christ.  Ask yourself do you fit any of these molds?  Have you seen how these types of folks just hinder one’s ability to get it right relationally.

  1. the constantly negative and critical person
  2. the on my terms person
  3. the person who constantly disappoints
  4. the person who is indifferent to making real effort
  5. the person who blames in on his or her personality
  6. the know it all
  7. the gossiper

I am bummed to say that at times I have some of those on that list show their head in my relationships.  Those get in the way from our ability to love our neighbor as ourself.

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