Yesterday was one of those days in ministry where you will not forget what went on.  I took on the challenge of teaching on the topic of greed.  I did not pull any punches and really challenged our people with some pretty tough stuff to hear.  This is not a message that anyone in suburban America likes giving or hearing.  I prayed about how we could immediately apply what we had talked about.  I want to respond to the temptation of greed in my life and in the life of our church by being generous.  God reminded me of something I had heard about before and I felt his voice saying this is the way to go.  Of course as soon as I made the decision to listen, all the reasons why it was the worst idea ever came to mind.

Long story short, I ended my message by asking our people to give the shoes on their feet to a ministry called soles4 souls.  By that I mean I asked those in our church to take off the shoes they were currently wearing and give them to the people who really need them.  Our people hit it out of the park.  God moved.  We worshipped and celebrated and gave.  It was awesome.  A powerful moment!

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