About a week ago, I finished reading the book, Crazy Love.  Great read.  I highly recommend it.  In the book, he has this whole chapter on people who realy laid it on the line to live the Christian faith.  People who have made such an impact.  The whole is a better place because these people dared to risk and dream.  I listened to one of the founders of kiva.org share her story a few weeks back.  Just incredible stuff.  My wife and 9 others just returned from Cambodia where they visited an orphanage with over 130 kids there.  These kids get fed, clothed, educated and all around just loved because some people leveraged their lives to care about the least of these.  So what is my point.  My point is this.  You can make a difference.  Real people.  Regular folks who just to work hard and actually live rather than think about living make major impact.  I see so much potential in focused, driven people.  These types of folks inspire me and renew my hope that there is potential for great stuff to happen through people.

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