The Big 3

3I have been thinking a lot about what keeps us from taking action.  So many of us know what we ought do.  Sometimes we even want to do it.  But the reality is so often we feel a sense of conviction or direction or leading to go take a mountain or even an ant hill, but so often it materializes about as well as the Cleveland Browns trying to convert a 3rd and 8 – in other words, it does not happen.  Why? 

I am more and more convinced that what paralyzes us from action is the big 3.  (I do not mean GM, Chrysler and Ford, or KG, P squared and Ray Ray, or the Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, or Bourne Ultimatum)  No another big 3.  There are subsets to these and there are other ones, but I think in general, this is where we get stopped.  I think it comes down to fear, laziness and indifference.  We are so often just to scared to act or not willing to work or we just do not care enough.  So I am wrestling with how do I overcome these in my own life.

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