In practice for sports, you spend a lot of time on fundamentals and specifically on offense and defense.  Entire practices can be dedicated to getting better on one end of the floor so to speak.  The area of sports where things often get won or lost though is not necessarily related to one end or the other.  It is in the transition from one to the other.  In basketball it is when you are getting back on defense or moving the ball towards your hoop on offense.  In football this becomes the area of special teams.  In tennis, it is your footwork in getting back to the right spot after you hit a shot or prepare to receive on.  These moments of transition matter.  Never is this more clear than in a relay race.  When one person passes the baton to another.  I am seeing the importance of this more and more in the life of church ministry.  The transition of leader to leader.  From old infrastructure to new. From small church to medium church.  From leader to leader.  From vision to vision.  So much can be won or lost here.  People can be hurt or rallied here.  Funds can be directed or wasted.  Yet these are the moments that are often overlooked or not focused on enough.  I have been challenged to think about leading and moving through transitions.  How can I get this right more often?  Where are these moments in your world?

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