Pick Me

I have a competition issue.  It is one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses.  I love to win and I hate to lose.  When you are wired this way, one of the many things it leads you to do is to compare yourself to others.  You constantly ask yourself could you do that, will you try that, would I have done that better or worse,  is that all he or she can do, do I want to go after that, and so on.  It is like breathing that this happens.  As a result, you get jealous of stuff that people can do that you can not.  You want to be able to do that thing better, faster, stronger, etc.  You crave and covet and want.  I hate this about myself.  I want this to go away.  I want to be content in who I am and how I am gifted.  One of those things I will battle until the day I die.



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