It is always a challenging task to assess how a person defines if he or she is growing spiritually.  This topic could lend itself to a very long post.  However, I just want to focus on one particular thing.  I think for many people, especially those that have been churched a long time, that they define spiritual progress and growth as knowledge acquisition.  Did I learn something new from that sermon? or from that class? or when I read today? I gained spiritual knowledge/ information therefore I am progressing.  I think this is incredibly dangerous.  The book of John tells us that eternal life is “knowing” God through the person of Jesus.  It does not say knowing about God.  After all, Satan and his team know about Jesus.  They even know who He is. 

It is one thing to know that a person likes a certain kind of food.  It is another to experience watching them eat it.  Watch as they enjoy it and get giddy.  You go from knowing what they like to KNOWING what they like.  You have an experiencial/ intimate understanding.  Do you know God?  or do you know about God?  What are things you can see you KNOW about God because you have experienced them, not just read them.  This type of knowledge leads to conviction and to transformation through obedience.  I have been wrestling with what I know and what I KNOW.

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