I listened to a message yesterday by Marc Driscoll.  Man, it has my  head spinning.  The message was on marriage and was rooted in the Song of Songs.  Great stuff.  But there was some stuff that is just ridiculously counter cultural in our world today, especially in suburbia.  He was just spot on with how men need to celebrate and adore their wives.  He really pressed the point of being a provider and a protector.  He did a great job of encouraging wives to respect and value their husbands.  He talked about the importance of the bedroom in any God honoring and effective marriage.  I was really challenged to be a better husband.

But here is some stuff that he stressed that was challenging.  He acknowledged that there exceptions, but in his mind as I understood him, they should be just that exceptions.  He discussed how a man who does not provide for his wife is in sin.  There is no such thing as a stay at home dad.  He also challenged the notion of working women, particularly those pursuing careers.  He really drove home the point that Titus 2 emphasizes that a women’s focus is to be at home.  Repeatedly he came back to the verse regarding men who do not provide for their family are worse than an unbeliever.   Is he right?  Is he stuck in a time warp?  Has a culture given in to chasing the almighty dollar and more square footage versus God’s call for the family?  How will men and women alike respond to these thoughts?  All in all, I have been wrestling with this stuff.  What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Wrestling

  1. Personally, I think he’s off a little. I don’t think it’s a “sin” if a man is unable to provide for his family. What about times when circumstances prevent it (such as being laid off or a disability)? Is it then okay? I don’t think there can be a case when a sin is a sin in one case and not in the other. Personally, I think Driscoll is too brash in his assessments a lot and seems to really enjoy his “Christian Celebrity Status”.

    As far as wives not working, I think it’s a cultural thing, and not a biblical principle. I think it ranks up there with head coverings. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman pursuing a career.

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