Hard to Accept

I finish up a 28 day fast of no meats and sweets on Sunday.  Our church has been talking about justice and we were all encouraged to fast for a cause.  As we longed for that food, or that drink, or that whatever, prayer and energy and resources were to be pushed towards a place where there is clear injustice in the world.  I chose the fight against malaria.  I am getting ready to send the organization Malaria No More a check and I was reading malariaon their webpage again.  Here is just a sample of some stuff I found.  It just blows me away.

“Every 30 seconds a child in Africa does from Malaria.  We know how to stop this tragedy, but we need your help.  A $10 mosquito net can protect a child and its family as they sleep, the time when malaria spreading bites occur.  The tragedy of malaria can be transformed into our generation’s greatest triumph – the ending of malaria deaths – with a simple act of compassion.”

This just blew me away.  I have seen people die from this disease and it is just so sad because it is preventable.  Check out www.malarianomore.org.  $100 goes a long way.

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