soap box

I have noticed that there are certain things that just fire me up.  I hear a conversation about one of these “things” or even something that is loosely connected and I am as ready to go as a frat guy on a Friday night.  I am realizing that some of these issues are worth the passion and others are just silly.  I just need to chill out.  I may have a case or a point.  There may be something to what I am thinking.  But if I am honest most of the time –I talk because I am selfish.  I act because it is somehow about me.  I talk because I want my way.  I share because I think it ought be.  Yet if I stop and think and reflect, there are often really valid reasons the powers that be are doing or saying a thing diffsoapboxerently than I would like.  I need to get over some of my things…my wants…my preferences…my thoughts.   I also know that these hobby horses can be fed by talking to those who think like me.  I have to be willing to chat and really hear (really hear and understand) why my “thing” should not win out.  All of this is part of learning to consider others as more important than myself.

When do you get on your soap box?  What is the thing you feel you always need to say or talk about?  What drives you crazy?  And then ask – are there viable reasons you should chill?  Are you arguing for something you like, but it does not match a bigger vision that you are a part of?   Will it matter in 5 minutes? 5 hours? 5 months? 5 years?  Is it really just a selfish thing?  Sometimes it is not about being right or wrong,  sometimes it is about letting go for the good of others and a mission or vision that is bigger than self or your family or your group.

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