Many of us from our church are on a 28 day fast. We know that there are many in the world who are suffering all sorts of oppression and that God is not a fan of this. People do not have drinkable water, lack food each day, are not protected against malaria, continue to be captured and trafficed as sex slaves, remain homeless. etc. God’s people, Christians, should not only care about this stuff, we should act. The goal is to give up something you enjoy for 28 days as you do, let it break you down. Become more dependant on God, and channel that struggle, hunger, and desire to serve a cause. Write letters, save and send money, pray or go out and act.

Here is the thing. I gave up meats and sweets. Many have already said how this is such a big deal. Truth is, with will power, you can do anything for 28 days. I am no hero. What I see in myself though, and in others, is how quickly sin can creep into anything, including a thing like this. It becomes look at what I am giving up, rather than seeing the fast as the vehicle to let God use you to make a difference for a cause for those who are really suffering. Big deal, I won’t have Chipolte or Culvers. (Trust me, my body has plenty stored up) But what is cool is to think how God could use this fast to spur me to fight against malaria (the cause that I have picked). I need to die to the pride of look at poor old me and focus on the task/ opportunity.

For those joining me on this journey, keep the proper perspective. Your cause not your fast.

2 thoughts on “Difference

  1. Right now, I am not participating in this 28-day fast. However, I did have lunch today with a guy by the name of Brian that offered a more holistic perspective about fasting; in that it is a spiritual tool. This perspective resonated much more with me then fasting for a cause. Now I have to re-think the value and practicality of fasting.

  2. I think there is a lack of information and teaching in the church today on the power and value of fasting. It is not something that was just during “Bible times” and when we eliminate fasting from our spiritual disciplines of today, we miss out. I recognize that as a church we have to start some where and fasting for a cause can be the open door to someone beginning to recognize that, with God’s help, they can give up something that is “important” to them. Whether that something looks like food, TV, texting, etc. There are so many “idols” in our world today that take the place of God and being able to hand those over to God, and in this case focus on a greater cause is a means to grow people spiritually and see outside of themselves.

    I have been a part of corporate fasts in the past, but find there is so much more to be gained and experienced when I recognize that something has taken over in my life as an idol and I give it up and give it to God through fasting. There are also times when I have fasted for several days without food because of a need for God to move in my life or in a situation, I needed direction, or I just felt like I had moved away from God and need to refocus on Him. So there are many reasons why we could fast, but I think the exercise should focus on depending more on God, making ourselves more sensitive to His leading in our lives, and emptying more of ourselves so we can become more like Christ.

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