Somebody Watching Me

We get better at stuff when we know what we struggle with and then correct it.  One of the problems that arises though is that we often are not aware of our weaknesses.  Sometimes we do not know our blindspots.  Do we run meetings well?  Do we cast vision well?  Are our non-verbals inappropriate?  Do we take direction effectively?  How strong is our communication?  To become more effective as a leader/ employee/ follower we need “coaches” in our lives that have permission to help us. We need people who have access to these pieces of our world and can speak to the blindspots.  I know for me I really want to move forward and see the value in having “coaches” in my world who have permission to speak.  The two things that keep it from happening:  first is that I get lazy and do not think intentionally to find the right person to look at various areas and secondly I am prideful and might not like what I hear.

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