If you attend church almost anywhere for very long, you will sing a song that talks about God as holy.  It may be the main theme of the song or just part of a verse or whatever, but it is all over the lyrics of hymns and praise choruses alike.  We sing about God’s holiness and His other attributes because we believe them to be true.  And we say that part of worship through song is that we are encountering God.  We are adoring Him and interacting with Him.  We say or some say we are experiencing Him.  Here is the question, why is it most weeks then at most churches singing time looks very similar.  By that I am driving at the point that why is it if we really believe God is holy and we genuinely encounter Him, why does it not elicit some type of response.  Women pass out at the sight and sound of Justin Timberlake.  Men remain speechless at the moves of Kobe Bryant.  But we are encountering a holy God and yet there are not often tears.  People are not falling to their knees.  We are not made speechless.  How can this be?  So what are we encountering?

2 thoughts on “encounter

  1. How ironic. My homegroup lesson this week is on singing. A psalm, a hymn, a spiritual song. Maybe I’ll re-comment after our homegroup.

  2. Hopefully we are encountering a holy God when we read His word, pray, listen to a sermon, marvel at his creation, go about our day, etc. All of these encounters do not need to make us tearful or speechless, although sometimes they do. For me, all the distractions of singing as a group make it harder to encounter God and most of the reactions I have are due to factors other than actually worshiping Him. We will not have a perfect encounter with Him until we worship with Him face to face. Can’t wait.

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