I was listening to a message online the other day. The pastor was speaking of the importance of practical teaching. He was stressing the importance of “doing” theology versus “knowing” theology. The Bible was given to put into practice.  I could not agree with this more.  He was saying how so many teach and learn just for the sake of growing in knowledge.  They become obese in head knowledge and lean in practical living.  He then continued by saying even the way judge spiritual success is by superficial things like how much we know or how often we attend church. If we attend church several weeks in a row, we will feel like our spiritual walk is rocking.  He then said something to the effect that being present at church does not really matter.  It is not important if you are in attendance regularly or not.  It really matters if you are hearing and living practical teaching.  I disagree with the reality that it does not matter if you are present or not.

One thought on “Bueller

  1. I don’t think the point is that going to church doesn’t matter. The point was probably more that if ALL you do is go to church, it really doesn’t matter.

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