I was chatting with a friend the other day about ministry. We were talking about creativity and keep ministry fresh. And then this led us down the road of the discussion of the possibility that you can be do creative and change things too much. Another guy jumped in and said that what the parents of his youth ministry love is that it is predictable. The parents really appreciate knowing exactly what is going to happen and when and so on. The other guy responded and said that such an approach to ministry or anything is lazy and boring.

Since the conversation, I have been wrestling with this. What is the balance between the value of a track record and in doing lots of new stuff. I am working this one through the think tank quite a bit.

One thought on “Predictable

  1. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate predictability. I appreciate it when my mailman shows up everyday at 10am, I appreciate it when the cat jumps on may lap every evening at 8pm and I appreciate that my car starts everytime I turn the key. I’m part of a very predictable system.
    The moment you are distracted by the next ‘latest thing’ confusion enters and you lose any focus you have. I enjoy ‘new stuff’, but predictability gives me peace of mind.

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