I often think in our culture we do not address problems, we address symptoms. I think we are masters are scheming to solve the superficial and not really address things at a level of the heart. It is one thing to admit all the places you car is damaged because of what you did in this accident, and what you did that other time and then the most recent time. However, it is completely different to say out loud, “I am a bad driver.” I hear what we want to fix and what problems people say we are facing and I often, say and think, “Really”. Ask yourself when you are thinking through something, are you addressing the issue or something superficial or what  just poses as the issue.

2 thoughts on “Really

  1. I had to face this very issue recently but fortunately the Holy Spirit told me in no uncertain terms what my problem was — and my problem was a specific sin that our culture would say wasn’t really sin. I’m curious, though, for you, as a pastor, do you look at yourself in this way? Do you recognize that a repeated behavior could mean something more than what you think it does?

  2. Thanks for sharing Jan. Fair question. I would hope and would like to believe the answer is yes regarding personal evaluation. My goal would be to honestly evaluate my life and what I am thinking and not excuse it or just look at is superficially. I would desire to address it head on from a biblical perspective. I am certain I do not always have success with this.

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