ducks_followerWhat does it mean to be a leader? What does it mean to be a follower? These are questions I think about quite a bit. Recently I have been thinking through some issues regarding being a follower when you do not agree with the leader or leadership.

I want to be the kind of follower who submits to authority even when I disagree with it. This does not mean I do not air my opinion or voice. It does mean that once I have done this though, if I speak or serve, I do so in support of those I am following. I do not serve, but complain about what I am doing. I do not speak in support, but not serve behind it. I think being a great follower means trusting those you are following and being willing to gain support for a venture your leadership is going after and yet you do not buy it. I think being a great follower means supporting an idea as if it was my very own and I was. I do not sow discord, speak negativity or practice passivity.

I want to be a great follower. This type of submission, trust, and commitment is tough.

One thought on “Following

  1. Great leaders are great followers. In leading, you are attempting to gain support and trust for an idea / philosophy / mission, etc that you yourself are following. Whether you agree with the method 100% of the time, the goal is still to move toward an end. There are always different ways of reaching the same goal but as a single person we can’t see every angle, stumbling block, perspective, etc and we need other eyes around us who are faithful followers to help the leader be protected and successful. That is one of our jobs as followers, unconditional support, not always agreeing but always supporting.

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