Well it happened again. The team I am rooting for in the big game goes down. But wow, what a game. Great plays were made by both the Cardinals and the Steelers. One of the best Super Bowls ever. It just bums me out it had to end with the Steelers holding the trophy. Just more pain for us Browns fans.

I have often said that I believe Big Ben had not done anything to earn the title as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I need to hold my tongue. He stepped up and wrote himself a great script into the pages of big time players. He played very well the whole game and was absolutely terrific in the drive and on the stage that every little boy who plays quarrterback growing up dreams about. Kudos to him.

And I have to be happy for a Buckeye. Santonio…what a game and what a catch. You made a play.

One thought on “Again

  1. After they called back his run in touchdown I assumed Ben Roethlisberger would be out for blood…and he was kinda. Warner definitely outplayed them in the 3rd quarter and I agree it should have been the Cards with their first superbowl win instead of the Steelers…with their sixth..hah. But oh well.

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