That Person

You know the one. As soon as you see he or she approaching, you brace yourself. You know whatever he or she is about to say is critical. Even when meant to help, the person always is going to say something about how he or she would have done it, said it, led it, built it, bought it, etc. You are hoping you are wrong, but as soon as the mouth opens, here it comes. For me it is hard to be excited for such a person. I know I want to love him or her, but he or she weighs on me. Such people are a minus in my life more than a plus.

As I reflect on these types of folks, several things come to mind. Am I that person to someone? What motivates that person to say what they do? Does that person know that he or she comes across arrogant? How can I learn to love that person? What is the difference between good critical and bad critical? Just thinking out loud.

One thought on “That Person

  1. Good critical focuses on the outcome of the actions that can be tied back to the method(s) and ultimately the person. Bad critical is usually attacking the person up front and then layering on the method(s) and the outcome(s).

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