I heard a pastor that I really respect say “America has lost its ability to wait.” He was referencing our country’s current economic condition. I tmoney1hink he is right on with this concept. I think it does relate to America’s economic crunch and to our lives as Americans in general. We can not say the words delayed gratification fast enough and we sure do not know how to practice it. I want it and i want it now. Food, sex, a house, a relationship, power, entertainment, (even as you are reading you can not get to the puncline fast enough) we must have it yesterday. We can not wait. We can not save. We do not care the cost or the price or implications or even sometimes who it hurts. If we could get this mindset under check, we would add a great deal of wisdom and integrity to our lives as individuals and as a country.  I also believe would develop a sense of what we really value and what will last. 

For a point of reference. Consider that at one time Americans saved 18% of their income and by the 80s it was down to 4% and now we do  not even save. We have a negative savings. Let’s learn some restraint.

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