Bad Play

I still love basketball and I still try to play fairly regularly. I played in a game yesterday and played horribly. It is a 30 and over league and it supposed to be for fun. Yet my bad play stuck with me the rest of the day. Will I ever be able to not care how I play? I am so ridiculous.

One thought on “Bad Play

  1. 1. Did I try my best regardless of the outcome? If so, then “whatever”. If not, then it should bother me.

    2. Should I have put my pride up on the shelf beforehand? This works if you are playing “down” or “up” to the skillset of those you are with.

    3. Finally, and what I rarely remember to think of – did I represent goodness in the form of being Christ-like? If so, then “whatever”. If not – shame on me.

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