Stage of Life

I never fully understood this when folks would talk about it. But as a pastor and as a dad of two little ones, I see how stage of life really plays into what could happen or what does happen in real time. Are you married? Single? Do you have kids? Do you have 2 incomes or one? How old are your kids? What special needs do your children have? Are you an empty nester? Are you retired? Each of us fits into these worlds. But then what happens with the cards we hold? What resources do we have? What clear responsibilities must get met? How do I spend my life using wisdom. As I look at my stage of life — Do I have more or less free time to serve others? Is there more or less money available to give away? How much of your emotional bank account is spent in your world each and every day? How could you maximize your current world? What if singles and those wihtout kids cut more folks grass who are more tied down and watched other people’s kids? What if those with little kids prioritized that relationship? What if empty nesters were the first ones at the church and the last ones to leave? What if families ate together? What if you had a vision for your stage of life? This stage often will change, but what do you do right now to live for and bless others? Maybe you give more now and then someone will fill your cup in the future. Maybe right now it needs to be more about your home life. But consider where you are and what could be with vision and a plan.

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