Me Too

Christmas…It’s here.  Some love it. Some hate it and others well they just participate.  There are many thoughts and opinions that come to my brain when I consider Christmas, but I will just try and focus on one in particular.  It is the idea that no matter how you feel about Christmas, you will probably sell out to the commercialized version.  Why do we all submit to the pressure or idea that each of us must spend lots of money on presents and stuff or else we are a scrooge?  Sensibility, stewardship, and substance get thrown out the window and it becomes “buy, baby, buy.”  We do not all want to go this route.  In fact, we spend a fortune on just the various “white elephant” gifts we need to get.  We start to crack.  Or at least I begin to crack.  And before I know it, I am sunk by the tide of those surrounding me, chatting “buy, give, spend, you tight wad, everyone does it, have a heart, it’s tradition, it is only one time a year, big sale, it’s on the list.”  And the finally, I am in.  I am overtaken.  It is like at some point, I say “OK, me too.  I will do it.” 

I want to spread Christmas cheer.  I want to give.  I want to love.  I want to bless others.  But I hate feeling like if I do not spend some standard dollar amount like every other suburbanite, then I have the heart of the Grinch.  I want to learn how to respect family, friends, traditions, and fun while still maintaining what I think is right during the holiday season.  So here we go.  I want to try and avoid, the “me too” that sweeps through Christmas.

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