leaning1Everyone has a worldview.  Everyone filters life through some kind of grid and acts accordingly to that grid.  And though many would not admit it, everyone lives by faith.  Each person on earth has a set of beliefs to answer the big questions of life.  Things like – why are we here as people? what is right? what is wrong? what happens when we die? and so on.  Each person comes to his or her conclusions on these matters via faith.  This is a reality because you and I do not know for sure the answers, and so we form an opinion, and ultimately that opinion is one of faith in something (science, the Bible, other people, religion, a dream, a wish, or even indifference).  But if you and I are willing be honest our lives are leaning into or against something.  It is that thing we are leaning on that we have faith in.

I see for many that the thing we lean into so often is circumstances.  We live by moments and emotions.  We base our values and actions on circumstances.  Simply put we live by circumstantial faith.  Even those of us who call ourselves Christ followers fall into this trap.  Prayer answered and few trials in my world – God likes me and my life is good.  Therefore, I will follow what I think God wants.   Circumstances determine how God feels about me and therefore how I feel about him.  Sometimes actions change based on our circumstances and this forces our worldview to change.  I go to college, my actions and views on drinking and sex change.  Why is this? Circumstances.  But my surroundings and the clear answer of prayer ought not determine my worldview.  My worldview, my faith is not to be leaned into because of my circumstances, but into the person of Jesus.  My faith leans there because that is what the foundation should be.  When I stay here, my faith does not waiver, because it is not built on circumstances of convenience or trial, but on a person who never changes.  What are you leaning into today?  Everyone leans.  What is your worldview built on?  What are you leaning against?  Will it hold?

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