When is the last time you did something for the first time?  Why are we so afraid to take risks?  Why are we so scared to fail?  Is risk taking rooted in our personality?  Is it driven by our social circle?  I was reminded recently that nothing great happens without taking a risk.  I have no idea what you are wrestling with trying?  what you are afraid of?  what might be next?  But whatever it is….jump.  Take the step and go.  Sure do your homework, prepare, plan…but take the step.  I am reminded of a man in history who would have never walked on water if he had not gotten out of the boat.  The risk taking – the jumping is hard, but man is it worth it.  I watch people who let their personalities, someones opinion of them, past failure, or the possibility of new failure paralyze action.  Jump…you will get back up…you will fail…but you will succeed.  Jump…the risk will blow your mind.  I dare you to try something new this week.  Something you have been fearing or putting off or just never thought of.  I am daring you to jump.  I think this will make us all feel more alive.  I do not think we were designed to always play it safe.  I do not know what we gain by always playing it safe.  I know I personally hate to fail, but more than that I fear getting into the batters box and never taking a swing.

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