All In

As I observe people these days, it seems to me like people struggle to go all in for something, especially other people.  I see people who are involved in lots of stuff or care about lots of things, but do not fully commit to anything really well.  Or maybe they commit to a thing, but not to people.  Maybe people are waiting for the bigger, better deal some times and so they do not commit to a thing or to a group of people.  Maybe the only commitment they want is to the thing and not the people.  Maybe they really do not care about the people.  Maybe they do not see a connection between the thing and the people.  Maybe my personal expectations of commitment to stuff and others is too high.  I just do not know how to do things half way.  Sports, work, friendships, church life, even watching a movie, I do not know how to do it half way.  If I am going to do it, I am all in.  I do it.  I am there and I commit to the thing and the people.  I think to truly be all in with people and to truly walk together with them, you have to be willing to stuff stuff you do not enjoy or will make you feel uncomfortable.  I love people who go all in for others and for things – whatever the thing may be.

3 thoughts on “All In

  1. Wow, how refreshing to read. I cannot do anything half. In fact it drives me so crazy I don’t even like getting text messages because I feel like I am only getting half. It’s one of the things that bother me the must about our current culture. It seems that everything is just lightly skimmed over because we want instant gratification, instant food, instant payment, instant everything.

    – The other problem that this creates in my life is when I do find someone who is all about the whole deal and not half, I tend to drown them quickly. What a battle.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Simply refreshing to read from others that are on a church staff.

  2. I agree with Chad that much of our current culture is about instant gratification and not fully giving of ourselves. I think we’re missing the abundance that God desires for us. I, too, am an all-in (and all-out-there) kinda person and it’s kind of a lonely place sometimes. I wonder, tho, if other people THINK they’re all in, when they’re really not? I’ve been watching other Christians lately … who they gravitate towards, what makes them applaud, etc. and then trying to reconcile what they seem to stand for with their real-life behaviors. I suspect they don’t see themselves as anything but all in … even when they’re only half in. Then again, maybe I need to take the plank out of my own eye …

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